Snapchat Addiction

Author: Dr Naomi / 21 Mar 2017
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Patients are the drivers of where I do social media, as I have to be where they are. Trust me, they are all snapping like there's no tomorrow!

I love snapchat so much, I find it the realest of the platforms. No one cares about their messy houses (me included), or being boring, or getting the perfect image. It's not like that. It is definitely the most fun out of all of those that I'm on.

For me, I use Insta and Facebook for work, creating content that I think is useful for beauty achievers. Snapchat I use as my personal account, (so if you don't want to see my real life, please don't follow)

I just love the snaps I get from patients, it's awesome, I'll share a few below.

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