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Fractional laser images day 2: Sciton profractional

profractional laser day 2
profractional laser day 2
profractional laser day 2

Here is Wayne the day after his fractional ablative laser treatment. The photos above are before I cleaned him with saline and reapplied paw paw ointment. The photos below are after I cleaned his face.

See wayne of day 1 of the profractional laser

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profractional laser day 2
profractional laser day 2
profractional laser day 2


  1. Adriana Adriana
    July 2, 2011    

    I cant wait to see the results! I am dying to try Fractional Laser on my acne scarring but have to wait until I can afford it. It will totally be worth it though, I feel so traumatised by my scarring. Every time I see it in a mirror, or a photo, even my reflection in someone else's sunglasses, I feel awful. It's so true that what you're doing makes a huge difference to people's lives. Keep up the amazing work. Love love xxx

  2. Dr Naomi Dr Naomi
    July 2, 2011    

    Oh, it hurts me that you hate your scarring so much! The most minor scarring can really upset those who have it. I can't believe you see it in peoples sunglasses, isn't that amazing how our brains just jump to flaws. Some of the most objectively beautiful people are never able to see, let alone enjoy their beauty, their eyes just race immediately to their self- perceived flaws
    I've talked to some patients who have scarring and they think of it so often. One girl said that she would always choose to stand in the darkest part of a room, and make sure her back was always to the light. What an effort! I just wanted her to be free of those thoughts!
    Don't worry, I will keep up this work, I was born for this, to make people happier through improving their appearance!
    Love love and see the beauty that's already there :)

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