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tummy tuck photos day 1 post-op, swell-hell

This is for all of you sick people who have asked me to put up photos :)

So these photos are day 1 post-op revision tummy tuck and a tiny bit of liposuction (2 litres).

My husband actually was the first to suggest that I put these photos on my blog!! My first thought was “maybe, if I’d had a spray tan”. But I saw Christine McQueen today (what kind of VIP is she to get me in the office on a Sunday, day 3 post tummy tuck revision surgery? -about that in a later blog). And Christine said I can’t be a real blogger about this stuff unless I give my all, so here is my all, people:

the binder and garment

the binder and garment

help!! tummy tuck day 1 post-op









Dr Naomi XXX

6 Responses

  1. l.brabant says:

    It looks very painful but nice, smooth and very flat- just how we like that tummy area to be.

  2. heidi.leeming says:

    Your soo brave! Looks v ouch but great result. I know beauty is pain but your threshold is much higher than mine :)

  3. Dr Naomi says:

    thanks guys, getting there……..

  4. alvispetter says:

    There are always risks to surgery, and one of the downsides of accumulation procedures is a best time in the operating allowance and a potentially added complicated recovery if there are problems with either surgery.

    Tummy Tuck


    Its looks very sore and painful , im looking into getting mine done and was getting scared,but when i saw your pictures it put me at ease yours looks great already would loive to see your results now and was it worth it you must look amazing now.

    • drnaomi says:

      Hi Leanne,
      My results are awesome. I do want to put them up in my blog, but I’m doing a post with my before and after weight loss pictures, and I’m struggling to get to the “after” :( So wish me luck and will power and hopefully you’ll get to see them soon. Fair enough to be scared, it’s not for the faint-hearted. Good luck if you decide to go ahead. XXX

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